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10' x 8' Secure Grow Chain Link Greenhouse

Protect your plantings with Secure Grow Greenhouses

Secure Grow offers a unique and affordable way to protect your plantings from many nuisance pests. Secure Grow Greenhouses come in different sizes to accommodate the weekend gardener to the serious horticulurist.

Protects Against Common Animal Pests
• Small mammals
• Opossums
• Rabbits
• Raccoons
• Skunks
• Squirrels
• Woodchucks
• Large mammals
• Deer & Elk
• Birds
• Dogs & Cats
• Wild Boar

• Secure and lockable using steel chain link
• One piece greenhouse cover
• Roll-up bottom vents
• Roll-up zippered front door and roll-up windows with bug screen
• Lockable latch included

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